Ginger Valentine

Ginger Valentine is a classic striptease artist, producer, writer and instructor based in Dallas, Texas.

Known for her sizzling sex appeal and athletic performances, Ginger drives audiences wild her award-winning burlesque acts. 21st Century Burlesque Magazine calls Ginger Valentine “a consistently great performer to watch with eyes you could lose yourself in.” From the runway fashion show in New York City to performing in front of hundreds at the House of Blues, Miss Valentine is an experienced and proficient performer who dazzles fans worldwide.

See Ginger live in Texas at the monthly Ruby Revue burlesque shows at the House of Blues Dallas and Houston. She also performs frequently with Bustout Burlesque in New Orleans which is named one of the top ten burlesque shows in the world by Travel Channel. Other notable performances include, Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend (Las Vegas), Viva Las Vegas, New York Lingerie Fashion Week and Stripper’s Holiday (Chicago)

In 2011, Ginger won “Queen of Burlesque” at the New Orleans Burlesque Festival. A performance of  her award-winning act has now been viewed over a million times on YouTube.  Ginger has been voted into the top 20 burlesque industry figures for 2011 and 2012 for 21st Century Burlesque Magazine.

In 2012, Kitty West, the Original Evangeline the Oyster Girl passed down her legendary act to Ginger Valentine. Kitty West made the act famous in the 40′s and 50′s on Bourbon Street. Now Ginger continues the legacy, performing this magical act in Bustout Burlesque in New Orleans.

Ginger also helps to produce the Dallas Burlesque Festival and is a contributing writer for 21st Century Burlesque Magazine.

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