Which Red Burlesque shades are perfect for you? Let us tell you.

Fair medium dark tripleshot

Here’s all you have to do … email a picture of yourself to , tell us what lipstick you usually wear and answer three simple questions:

1. Is your skin warm or cool? The quickest way to work out if you’re warm or cool is to take a look at the veins in your arms in a natural light. If they look green then you are warm, if they look blue you’re cool.

2. When it comes to red lipstick do you rock it, hold back a little, hold back a lot … or run away?

3. Would you like us to tell you a all the shades and finishes we think you’ll rock? Or just a couple? (Note: EVERY woman can rock at least 4-5 shades of Red Burlesque).

We’ll get back to you within 24 hours with a recommendation of at least four Red Burlesque lipstick shades that will change your life and make you look and feel like the most beautiful woman on the planet.

See which shades are perfect for you with the Red Lipstick app!

Red Lipstick is the first app ever to enable you to use your iPhone or iPad to take a selfie and, thanks to highly advanced and very clever lip tracking technology, try 21 different shades of red lipstick on. All without moving from where you’re sitting or standing right now!

To find out more, click the ‘Red Lipstick App’ tab in the above menu. Or go straight to the iTunes App Store and download to download it free, here.