Melody Mangler has been called “one of Canada’s best Burlesque performers” (CTV News), “a cross between Lili St. Cyr and Lucille Ball” (Kellita of the Hot Pink Feathers), and the “hottest girl in Vancouver” (Don’t Front Magazine).

This tattooed fireball incorporates dance, comedy and singing into a variety of stunning acts that range from classic striptease to dark Gorelesque to the downright silly.

Melody is a founding member and current artistic director of Screaming Chicken Theatrical Society, an award winning not-for-profit theatre company which focuses on gaining exposure for the art of Burlesque, training and developing performers, and producing high quality, amateur Burlesque productions. As well as being a co-founder of the Vancouver International Burlesque festival, Melody performs regularly in Screaming Chicken productions the Taboo Revue Burlesque Variety Show and the Becoming Burlesque Graduation Recitals (as host).

Her brand of burlesque tends toward the theatrical producing many full length spectacles such as Ed Wood’s Orgy of the Dead – LIVE, Sex, Violence and Nursery Rhymes, The Christmas Spectacular, Greece, Terror at Rock Out Beach and Oliver Fannie, many of which she has written, starred in or directed. Melody won best debut at the Burlesque Hall of Fame in 2009 and has either competed for queen of burlesque or performed ever since.

Melody’s passion for performance has brought her across Canada, throughout the United States and even as far as Australia.

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